The Towering Inferno – watch Full Movie Online

#1 YOUKU.COM : Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Directed by John Guillermin
Irwin Allen (action sequences)
Produced by Irwin Allen
Written by Novel
Richard Martin Stern
Thomas N. Scortia
Frank M. Robinson
Stirling Silliphant
Starring Steve McQueen
Paul Newman
William Holden
Faye Dunaway
Fred Astaire
Susan Blakely
Richard Chamberlain
Jennifer Jones
O.J. Simpson
Robert Vaughn
Robert Wagner
Music by John Williams
Cinematography Fred J. Koenekamp, ASC
Editing by Carl Kress
Harold F. Kress
Distributed by USA:
20th Century Fox
Warner Bros.
Release date(s) December 14, 1974
Running time 165 min.
Country United States United States
Language English
Budget $14,000,000
Gross revenue $116,000,000

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