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Watch Steve Martin online as the “Father of the Bride”.

Watch the comedy, Father of the bride, a movie of how a father handles the fact that his daughter has grown up. Starring Steve Martin, Kimberly Williams, Diane Keaton and George Newbern, the movie is simple and a complete family entertainer.

Knowing each other for only three months, Annie, the 22 year old daughter of George Banks, an upper-middle-class owner of an athletic shoe company, has decided to marry Bryan. George unable to think of, what life would be with Annie gone becomes slightly insane. Although his wife tries to make him happy for Annie, George totally losses it when he learns that the wedding will cost over $ 100, 000. With the wedding taking place at their home, along with a foreign wedding planner named Franck taking over the ceremony, George tries to handle the fact that his daughter is now grown up and has a life of her own to choose.

George’s happy and calm existence is shattered over dinner when Annie announces her decision to tie the knot with an “independent communication consultant”, Bryan. Faced with the sobering news of his daughter’s betrothal, George, with his rubbery face projects every blow to the parental ego. The calm is further disturbed when the future son-in-law, comes visiting with an armful of brown nosing techniques and mis-lobbed sincerities.

Inspired by the 1950 film starring Spencer Tracy, Father of the Bride has crossed all the boundaries and myths of a remake. Funny and sublime, director Charles Shyer has done a fantastic job delivering this piece of Parental grief and happiness.

The movie sure has a heart, and there are little moments when the father of the bride is deeply moved by the fact that the perfect creature he brought into the world is now going to start a family of her own. The most touching moment is when Martin touches his heart as it would burst right this moment. Then there is the poignancy moment when Martin realizes, now his daughter listens to her fiancé, not her old dad, for helpful suggestions.

Apart from touchy feelings, the movie offers a lot of humor as well. The wedding planner, Franck in itself is a walking, talking piece of laughter. His laughter, accent and the way he works Martin up is a cherry on the pie. Not to forget Martin’s visit to his in-laws where he ends up in the swimming pool via his journey in the bathroom. The movie takes the viewers barging through tuxedoed guest to run screaming from the ceremony until they spot the bride in white.

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